The Journey of The Internet Bot Continues

Despite not knowing exactly what they might be, just about everyone who’s ever been online is familiar with the term Internet Bot. They are the less human side of the Internet workforce, created by companies to do their most mundane and frantic chores. They automate chores and make life online easier for those who work on the development side of things.

These days the bot is still as important a development tool as ever, and developers treat them with great reverence during their daily duties. Botpress is a revolutionary new spin on creating the perfect bot for the perfect job. If the Internet and mobile platforms had to depend solely on the human workforce, they’d quickly fall away. It is the startling variety of bots that automate the net and make it possible to accomplish things that a human workforce simply couldn’t accomplish.

Bots can do everything from index websites for search engines to chat with anxious customers who need help with their everyday shopping online. They are more interactive now than ever but none of this is possible without a good framework to develop their powers. Things like Botpress truly make the Internet a constantly refreshing place to be. Something is always happening.

Take a simple chat program that you can develop with bots. These bots are going to make it possible to reach out to a much larger portion of your customer base than a human customer support team could ever do. It’s unfortunate for online businesses, but humans always have better things to do than work. Bots don’t have anything better to do. They’re always there, capable of bringing still more productivity to your business. A simple click here can teach you more.

How much time do bots save the human workforce? Try numbering it in the thousands of hours on any given project. That’s more than a few hours of blood, sweat, and tears saved by the arduous work of bots. For them to function properly, though, you need a framework and you need it to work well and integrate with other programs a developer is using at any given time. Thanks to developers themselves, there’s now a terrific tool to do enterprise level bot work without pouring those extra thousands of hours into a project.

Interfaces should always be easy to use on these frameworks, given the amount of time that developers need to learn to use the tool that saves them time. If there’s too steep of a learning curve, learning the tool itself isn’t going to save time in the long run. Great frameworks will be open-source, too, allowing other developers to bring their own knowledge to the table and tweak a product that might work better for them if their own ideas were instilled.

As time goes by more of these Internet bots will contribute to the entertainment, news, and gaming culture that the Internet brought to our lives. They will continue to do the work that developers simply don’t have time to do every single time. It’s a journey that continues.