The Benefits of Using Penetration Testing Tools


No matter your company’s size, what it sells or how long it has been in business, it can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks from individuals who are looking to steal valuable and private information. Criminals who specialize in this type of thievery specialize in devising new ways of cracking a company’s defenses, which can put your critical data at risk. Investing in penetration testing tools can have several benefits to you as a business owner, even if you believe your current internet security system is sound.

General Risk Assessment

A company that specializes in network penetration can help you understand what kind of risks your critical data is under and how it might be accessed without your knowledge. Even if you already have security measures in place, they may be aging to the point where today’s cyber-thieves have the means to break through them. As technology grows and changes, so do the many ways security measures can be bypassed. Such testing tools can help you understand whether your data is at risk and whether you need to take further steps to protect it.

A Variety of Testing

Not only can these testing tools help you realize your cyber system’s possible vulnerabilities, there are a variety of penetration tests available that can be customized to test your company’s security techniques based on its size and the systems you use. For example, two popular penetration tests, internal and external, gauge your risk in different ways. The external test helps reveal possible vulnerabilities, while the internal can gauge how easily malicious individuals might access your system. Based on possible risk, you can pick and choose which tests might be most helpful to the way you run your company.

A Deeper Understanding of Risk

Penetration testing tools can be beneficial to you as a business owner because they can help you gain a greater understanding of who might be trying to break into your critical data. Attacks can come from all sides and from sources that you may not expect. For example, you may be at risk of a security breach from cyberthieves working overseas and who may be using new techniques that allow them to work around your current security. Investing in penetration testing may help you see the bigger picture when it comes to the source of possible data breaches.

Fix Gaps

You may think because you already have data security measures in place that it is invulnerable to attack. However, depending on the type of security you use, the way you connect to the internet and the age of your current software, you may have gaps that might allow thieves or malicious spyware to view your private data. Some gaps may even weaken your security’s ability to protect data on a daily basis. A penetration test can discover and fix these gaps before an attack happens, which can better protect your company and its customers.

Penetration testing tools can help keep critical data safe from unexpected cyberattacks, no matter the size or nature of your company. Taking advantage of such testing may help you understand the importance of increased security and how data breeches can have a negative impact on your business.