How to select a good spy text app?

Ours is a tech savvy generation which has had the experience of witnessing consistent rise in cell phone technology as well as rise in the apps and softwares used in the cell phones also. It does not seem a long time ago when the basic form of communication were landlines at residences and offices and telephone booths and now the times are that the cell phones used by individuals are so advanced as to track the exact location of another person who also uses a cell phone. Not only that but with the help of spy text apps there are also monitoring and tracking possible like tracking text messages and browsing history and generally all the activities happening in another cell phone.

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Let us have a look at the features of a good spy text app:

The below are some of the basic features that a good texting spy app should have:

  • Sms tracker with details of the sender and receiver along with the contents of the message
  • Call log monitoring along with recording live calls
  • GPS tracking with exact positioning on the map
  • Monitoring browser history along with websites visited and emails accessed and the ability to block unwanted websites.
  • Keylogger feature to track every keystrokes performed.

These are the most basic features of a spy text app although there are many apps who have many other comprehensive features to brag about.

So to know which spy text messages app is compatible to your needs for a texting spy app you should take the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the features of the spy text messages app are compatible with your device. Some of these apps are compatible with all types of smartphones like android, iPhone and Nokia phones etc. while some of the apps are specifically created for specific type of phone.
  2. Check the ease of use of the app. This you will know by checking up on the information about the app through its website. The ease of use of the app refers to its user friendliness of downloading and installing as well as its functioning.
  3. Be clear about the purpose of using a spy text messages app. It would be foolish to pay for features which are not useful to you. You can choose the features according to your needs and pay accordingly hence saving on the subscription amount.
  4. Try to look for an app which has a free trial period on offer. By doing so you can check all the features during the trial period itself and then decide if you want to subscribe for the app or not. Hence you will not be bound to use the app even if you don’t like it as might be in the case of annual subscriptions.

So whichever app you choose make sure to satisfy your doubts and curiosity regarding all its features before choosing the right app.