How to Protect Sensitive Business Information on Mobile Devices

Business enterprises and corporations in the 21st century have incorporated technology and mobile devices in most of their day to day business activities. Employees are constantly on their mobile devices sharing data, accessing company information and downloading data from the internet. Mobile devices enable employees to access data and work from wherever they are. With little or no knowledge about the kinds of cyber security threats available online, these activities can pose serious threats to businesses.

Mobile device security then becomes a major concern for a business and should be treated with the seriousness that it deserves. In today’s growing mobile environment, maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information processed and stored on mobile devices is quite a difficult challenge. However, there are simplified protection services online that provide protection to mobile devices. You can go to this website to learn more about the threats that put mobile devices at risk. Some of them include the following as outlined in an article on

Physical Access
Mobile devices are always becoming smaller and lighter making them easy to steal or forget at restaurants and other public places. These devices can pose a huge risk when

Malicious Code
The internet is full of malware that masquerades as software and images, and that may be designed to steal sensitive information from a mobile device.

Device Attacks
Mobile device attacks are usually designed to either take control of a device or gain access to information stored in them. Such kinds of attacks can be used to propagate false or confidential information through the owner’s device causing severe damage to their public image.

Communication Interception
Hackers can be able to access Wi-Fi networks and eavesdrop on all the sensitive data and information shared through the company’s network.

Insider Threats
Employees can knowingly or unknowingly use their mobile devices to store or share sensitive company information that can cause serious risks to the business when in the wrong hands.

There exist several measures that an organization or business can take as a precaution or first line of defense against a majority of the security threats online. Employee education and training on how to safeguard their devices against malicious software and theft can be beneficial and may even reduce the number of cases that put the company at risk. A lot of the training revolves around data encryption and the use of strong passwords on devices.

Additionally, a business can use the services of commercially available online technologies that secure sensitive business information that is accessed or stored on mobile devices. Such a service assesses all devices involved in handling or accessing a company’s information and creates a report of all possible threats or potential areas of vulnerability. With this kind of information, it becomes simpler and easier to monitor and prevent threats. It provides the following additional security measures that exist throughout the life cycle of a mobile device:

• It configures a device to be trusted by the company or business
• It creates a separation between an employee’s confidential data and that of the business
• It terminates access to company information for lost and stolen mobile devices